To experience the amazingness of Higher Tech, follow these instructions.

Download TechniclauncherEdit

If you already have the latest technic launcher, skip this step.

Go here to download Technic Launcher (select your operating system)

Actually downloading the packEdit

Open Technic Launcher, and click on 'add new pack'. When it prompts you for a URL, go here to get the URL, or paste ​

into the textbox.

Click 'Add Modpack', and then 'Play'. You might want to take a break here, because (depending on your networking speed), it will take a few minuites to download. [If you understand computers] you might want to increase your allocated ram by clicking the gear at the top. However, you should keep it 1-2 GB below your max RAM, and not run much else while playing this pack. This has 120+ mods, so even a dual-I7 PC with a graphics card can lag a bit (remember Big Dig, when it was first released? Well, this pack is worse)

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